Selected Discography


As a leader and co-leader:

Renato Chicco & Flip Philipp ‘Face to Face’ (ATS Records, 2014)

Menza-Chicco-Reiter ‘Non dimenticar’ (Alessa Records, 2013)

The European Leaders ‘Live at Birdland Neuburg’ (Barnette Records, 2012)

Renato Chicco Organ Trio ‚This is New’ (Barnette Records, 2012)

Renato Chicco Quartet ‘Terrestrial’ (Goga Musica)

Renato Chicco Trio ‘Lipa zelenela je’, Slovenian Folk Songs in Jazz (ZKP)

Renato Chicco Trio ‘Slovenian Folk Songs in Jazz Vol. 2’ (ZKP)


As a sideman:

Jerry Bergonzi Quartet ‘Tenor Talk’ (Savant, 2008)

Jerry Bergonzi Quartet ‘Tenor of the Times’ (Savant, 2006)

Jerry Bergonzi Quartet ‘Live Gonz Vol. 1’ (Double Time, 2002)

Jerry Bergonzi Quartet ‘Live Gonz Vol. 2’ (Double Time, 2002)

Jim Rotondi and the Loop ‘Hard Hittin’ at the Bird’s Eye’ (Sharp Nine Records, 2013)

Dusko Goykovich ‘The Brandenburg Concert’ (Enja, 2013)

Flip Philipp ‘Duffin’’ (ATS Records, 2013)

Maaike Den Dunnen ‘Arrival’ (ATS Records, 2013)

Guido Di Leone ‘Standards on Guitar’ (Four, 2011)

Vincent Herring/Renato Chicco/Paulo Cardoso/Joris Dudli ‘Ends and Means’

Dave Santoro ‘The New Standard’ (Double Time)

Hendrik Muerkens ‘Quiet Moments’ (Evidence, 1997)

Jon Hendricks and the All Stars ‘Boppin’ at the Blue Note’ (Telarc)

Hal Crook/Jerry Bergonzi Quintet ‘Conjunction’ (Konnex Records, 1992)

Woody Shaw with Tone Jansa Quartet (Timeless)

Tone Jansa feat. Woody Shaw ‘Dr. Chi’ (Timeless)